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Keep a Beautiful Smile with the Option of Partial or Full Dentures

Replacement teeth will provide the recipient with the ability to better chew their food and in turn better absorb nutrients from their food. Replacement teeth also help to seamlessly restore aesthetics and speech as well as improve self-confidence and health.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is made up of one or more porcelain or acrylic teeth made to replace one or more missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Gum-coloured acrylic attach these teeth to a metal framework. It is held in your mouth with either metal clasps or precision attachments. Partial dentures are designed to fit your mouth easily. They should never need a lot of pressure to fit onto the natural teeth remaining in the mouth. Several visits to your dentist may be needed to be sure your partial fits properly.

A partial denture helps preserve the life of your remaining teeth.

It is very important to wear your denture every day. If you do not wear your partial for an extended period of time, the partial may not fit properly.

There are some easy steps you can take to adapt to your partial denture

  • Practice speaking by reading out loud until your tongue adjusts to the denture
  • Be prepared for extra saliva for the first few weeks as your mouth adjusts to having something new in it
  • Eat soft foods at first to get used to eating with the denture in place
  • Clean your dentures with a regular or denture brush every day, and when out of your mouth they should be stored in water.

Over time, your mouth will change. The bone and gum areas may shrink or recede, causing the space between the jaws to change. Because your partial keeps its shape, adjustments will be needed to keep your partial fitting properly.

Do not attempt to make adjustments or repairs yourself. It is best to contact your dentist immediately if there is any change in the comfort of your partial denture.

Complete / Full Denture

Conventional dentures typically require 3 - 6 office visits after all your teeth have been removed and the tissue healed. It is up to you during these visits to pass judgement on the fit and look of your dentures. Dentures can have specially shaped teeth and gums, gold or silver filling and other characteristics that duplicate natural teeth.

It usually takes a little while to get used to wearing a full denture. There may also be minor adjustments that your dentist will make to fine tune the fit of your denture. After a few weeks, you will be more at ease and your gums adapted to wearing a full denture.

As is true with partial dentures, complete dentures keep their shape. Over time, your mouth will change and adjustments will be needed to keep your denture fitting properly. Always consult your dentist rather than trying to fix the problem yourself. Trying to adjust them yourself will only cause more difficulties.

How to care for your dentures

  • Rinse your denture thoroughly after every meal.
  • Cleanse your denture thoroughly at least once a day, using a toothbrush and non-abrasive denture cleanser.
  • Complete dentures normally should not be worn at night. They should be removed and stored in normal tap water or in denture cleaning solution. Dentures can dry out and distort if left outside in a moist environment.

Keeping Your Mouth Clean

Remember, your natural teeth and gums need good care too. Be sure to clean your mouth of the bacteria and bits of food that can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

  • Remove your denture and brush your gums and existing natural teeth. Also, brush your tongue gently.
  • Floss between any remaining teeth at least once a day.
  • See your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.


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